Friday, May 7, 2010

Free Images - Vintage Halloween Postcards

Please feel free to save and use as you wish.  Enjoy!


Alison said...

Fabulous! Thank you for sharing Kris.

Birgit said...

Hi Kris,

Lovely cards -- thanks for sharing! :)


Diane Irvine Armitage said...

Love your blog and your artwork!

magikalseasons said...

Thanks Kris! :)

Tinsell and Whimsy said...

How generous you are to the images......and all your Halloweeny......attitude.

Len said...

What a treat to find your blog. I bought some bridge tallies - Hallowe'en included at a garage sale for 50 cents! and was looking them up on the internet. HERE I AM AT YOU BLOG!!! If you had a followers button I would click it immediately and follow you publicly but alas I can only follow you privately. By the way I am a member of EHAG, I also have a blog -
I am so happy to have come across your blog, Len Bentham/Happy Holidays.