Thursday, October 2, 2008

SDA September 2008 ATC Swap

Group 1: Kris Dickinson, Alice Hyde, Louise Granlund;
Lyneen Jesse, Linda Freeman, Pam Sparks;
Sarah Hemphill, Kathleen Miller, Julia Ziemann.

Group 2: Kris Dickinson, Lyneen Jesse, Eileen Sterba;
Susie Dally, Carolyn Utter, Kim Andersen;
Carrie Rees, Pamela Jin, Kathleen Miller.

Group 3: Kris Dickinson, Kathleen Miller, Laura Van Vleet;
Jan Larson, Robin Woodward, Dena Sawka;
Paulette Akagi, Cindy Dodd, Liz Ketter.


Barb said...

OMG, these are fantastic - luv them all.
Thanks for sharing :)
Happy week-end.

Carolyn Albro said...

Oh please share, what is SDA? LOVE the cards, AMAZING!!

Veronica said...

omg I love your blog....may I add you to my blog call list?? This is amazing. I found you from Nancy's blog. Off to search more of your blog. I love halloween and i love this blog